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Roof replacements are among the most expensive home upgrades. As such, we should do everything we can to prolong the life of our own. After months or even years of wear and tear, you might start to notice some black streaks, algae or mold on your roof. These marks are obviously unsightly, but perhaps even more crucially, they signify an infestation of organisms slowly eating away at the roof. When it’s time to restore your roof back to its brand-new appearance with a roof cleaning, Southern New Jersey homeowners should call Riptide Pressure Washing!

Roofs We Clean:

• Asphalt Shingle

• Metal

• Wood Shake

• Slate/Tile

Our Roof Washing Process:

A standard power washing is never a good method for roof cleaning. You may end up blasting some of that grime away, but you’ll be blasting your roof’s warranty coverage away as well, and you are likely to pick up some damage along the way.

Instead of risking damage with power washing, we protect our Southern New Jersey clients with a specialized Soft Washing method. This method can effectively clean the surface of a roof with as much pressure as a garden hose. That’s because the secret lies in the chemistry of the biodegradable solutions rather than an abundance of pressure. Because this is a low-risk roof cleaning method, it is the only method recommended and approved by the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA). As a result, you won’t have to worry about any warranty scares down the road.

Why Should You Avoid Delaying Your Roof Cleaning?

• Extend the life of your roof

Those black streaks that start appearing on our roofs are unsightly and slowly eat away at our roofs over time. Routine roof cleaning can extend the life of a roof by up to 50% depending on the conditions and moisture of your location.

• Keep yourself safe

Mold, fungus, mildew and algae are all allergens that can worsen your outdoor experience and even trigger symptoms indoors if the growth spreads to your attic.

• Boost curb appeal

After a professional power washing, your roof will look the best it has since the day you had it installed!

• Improve energy efficiency

If a roof blackens over time due to algae growth, it will absorb more solar energy from the sun and heat up your home as a result.

• Homeowner’s insurance compliance

Homeowner’s insurance usually covers damage incurred to roofs. Damage may not be covered if your insurer suspects that it only occurred in the first place as a result of ignoring infestations or avoiding necessary maintenance.

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